Sharon North Pohl

Sharon North Pohl is a lifelong learner in the most committed sense, she has boldly traveled the world finding a different kind of treasure: mindset. She has mastered those disciplines into her own curriculum called ZEST! She’s a coach who stands for mature sisters everywhere. Sharon facilitates her people to have the zestiest life possible.

What’s possible for you? 

Nearly a decade ago, Sharon embarked on a life-changing journey. She saw clearly that the ultimate decision to slide into “jaded resignation”  did not come from outside pressures but from a loss of “Center” inside ones self. She took all the secrets she collected and created a powerful curriculum for living in Joy and self-expression. The result? She has changed lives. 

Would you like a breakthrough?

 Sharon is bursting with life, but it’s no accident. At 70, Zesty is a daily joyful, effortless, commitment. She guides women world around. They report far healthier lives filled with color and unbridled “zest”.  She is passionate about sharing her secrets with other women! 

Does this resonate for you?  

 Zesty means the most energized, self-confident life. To quote Sharon North Pohl: “Health is the wealth to conquer the world in style”.  Zest is progressive wellness.

Do you want more?

 Sharon shares her insights and strategies for Zesty living through her coaching programs, retreats and membership site at

 She hosts wellness retreats at her ranch in Santa Cruz California, during hurricane season and in St. Martin the rest of the year. You’ll likely find with her beloved horses and ...

 She spends her free time traveling the world, shooting fashion photography, hiking, swimming, surfing and going on adventures with her grandkids.

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