About Me

I'm Sharon North Pohl.,

The short of it is:

I Inspire Healthy, Zealous Travel with a Flair for Colorful Boho Fashion. Follow on Instagram @zealous_boho_style

The long of it:

I provide sage advice, encouraging women young and young-at-heart to join me in my vital worldview. Travel imagery, tips, boho fashion & healthy aging inspiration are shared with you.

Living based in the colorful kaleidoscope of St.Martin island, in the Caribbean, has opened my heart. This experience has expanded my color palette of possibilities as I crisscross the globe.

You are invited to come along and join me on these colorful sojourns. My hope is to open up your wanderlust for healthy, fashionable travel.

I strive to inspire you to follow your dreams and live your best-unbridled life. We can all live a zealously free, fit and fashionably fun life. Pack something beside BLACK for your next trip!??

My song inspiration is "She's like a Rainbow" from the Rolling Stones.

"She's like a rainbow, coming, colors in the air. Oh ev'ry where, she comes in colors."

My favorite quote: changed 'Man' to the feminine

"When one woman, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, she has no right to keep it to herself"

                              ...Jacques Cousteau


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